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Labor Law Cases

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Workers at construction sites are subject to special provisions in the Law for their safety. This also includes work performed on multiple dwellings as well.

Labor Law Section 240 and Labor Law Section 241 provide special protections for workers and allow those injured in falls or by falling objects or who are performing elevated work are given presumptions to enable them to bring a cause of action for their injuries due to the negligence of owners, contractors and subcontractors.

The following are the most frequently violated OSHA standards and regulations:

1. Scaffolding

2. Fall protection

3. Hazard communication standard

4 Respiratory protection

5. Control of hazardous energy

6. Electrical, wiring methods

7. Powered industrial trucks

8. Ladders

9. Electrical systems design

10.Machine guarding

Having experienced personal injury attorneys handling your claim will improve the likelihood of a recovery for your severe injuries and the future medical expenses and lost earnings along with the pain and suffering that you experienced.

At Viola Cummings & Lindsay, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in litigating labor law cases on behalf of injured workers and their families. We will pursue the negligent party to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries whether by settlement or trial. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive trial experience handling labor law cases for our clients and for clients referred to us from other firms.



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