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According to a recent survey, over 500,000 burn injuries occur each year requiring treatment. There are FOUR different degrees of burn injuries one can sustain in an accident.

A First Degree burn is the least significant burn which is often limited to the epidermis. This type of burn takes approximately a week or less to heal.

A Second Degree burn involves not only the entire epidermis or outer layer of skin but affects the underlying dermis. Any partial thickness second degree burn will heal in 2 to 3 weeks without grafting with minimal scarring. A full thickness second degree burn will will most likely need excision and skin grafting to heal.

A Third Degree burn is when all of the layers of the skin have been destroyed. This extends into the subcutaneous tissue. These injuries can take months to heal leaving scarring.

A Fourth Degree burn is a full thickness burn that extends into the muscle and bone. Again, these injuries can take many months to heal resulting in scarring. As with the third degree burns, grafting is necessary.

Burn injuries are traumatizing and severe. These can result from industrial explosions, home fires, chemical fires, apartment fires, commercial fires, hotel fires, electrical burns, power line burns, explosions, motor vehicle accidents that result in gas tank explosions, scalding burns, thermal burns and propane tank explosions.

Having experienced personal injury attorneys handling your claim will improve the likelihood of a recovery for your severe injuries and the future medical expenses and lost earnings along with the pain and suffering that you experienced.

At Viola Cummings & Lindsay, LLP, our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in litigating burn cases. If you qualify, we will assist you in obtaining medical treatment and pursue the negligent party to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries whether by settlement or trial. Our personal injury lawyers have extensive trial experience handling burn injury cases for our clients and for clients referred to us from other firms.



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